Oh No! Oh Yes!
A perfectly normal life could turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye. When improvisation meets the forces of destiny, nobody's safe. Come for a fully improvised cinematic experience, where people find humor in the most unexpected places and the world finds its new heroes!

Upcoming Shows

Sunday 5 May
Fängelset, Kålltorpsgatan 2
Sun 2 Jun, 17:00-19:00 Buy a Ticket
Drop-In Session
Want to try out something new or exercise your acting muscles? Then join our Impram Drop-in Workshops! Each workshop will be led by a fabulous member of Impram, focusing on core improvisation skills with games, fun, and a million high fives. Absolute beginners and intermediate improvers welcome!
The Island
In a tight community everybody knows everybody. Relationships are complicated and intrigue is always around the corner. No matter if its on a cruise ship, a monastery or on a secluded island life is full a wonderful stories. Lets share one together and get to know wonderful, quirky and suspicous people. When we now make a visit to the island.
Passing Through
We are all passing through life and find our selves in many different places. But what happens when we leave that park, coffeshop or square. What whimsical and marvelous things transpires then. Well you choose a place and we will tell you. Get ready to laugh and cry once again as we are Passing Through.
Have you ever wondered what will happen in the future? How is our society and humanity going to change. Together we will explore the potential of human natural and cultural evolution. Find out what a world without hunger, loneliness or greed looks like. "Utopias", where the flaws and problems of our humanity has been solved. Where everything is perfect in every way. But is it really . . . .
Improv Match
Who doesn't love some fierce and fun competition?! In this clash of improv titans, two teams will face each other in aseveral improv battles. All the contestence will have to bring thier A game and brain muscles to out wit and out perform their opposition. Have fun seeing us fight for your approval and enjoyment. Everything being watched and judge by our strict referee.
The Human Condition
Humans are a complicated animal!! The vast differences between us all creates so many different interactions. With your help we will create a set of unique characters. Then we will get to see how they will interact with each other. Maybe they will fall in love, maybe they will start to fight or who knows how they will react. Come join us and see the diversity of the human condition.
The Living Room
Have you ever wondered what crazy things a boring living room conversation can lead to. Well join us and explore all the possibilities. We will start of with a simple conversation of whats going on in our life and let that inspire us to go on short adventures into the unkown. Somebodies bike ride to work can spark a hike up to the peak of Mount Everest.
Impram Drop-In Session
Why should we have all the fun?! Get your chance to flex your imagination and at the same time have so much fun. We want you to join us and play improv together. You will get to experince how it feels to create brand new worlds and adventure on the spot. The rush of going out there with out knowing whats going to happen next. So challenge your self and join us to make this a magical night.
The Global Stage
Join us as we explore the world through different cultures and language barriers. Our cast comes from places spread out over the world. We will use these diverse experiences to bring you on a journey to far away lands. There you will here us speak languages that you don't understand because to be honest neither do we. So join us and we will together make the world come to us.
The Impram Show
We will bring you laugh and enjoyment in a string of short and fun improv games, Come see such classics as dating games, silent scenes and slow motion races. And how knows, we probably going to suprise you with new and exciting games. Most importatntly we need you the audience help to come up with word and phrases to inspire this crazy and fun show.