Behrooz Sangchoolie, Iran
A type of doctor who may not prescribe medicine, but can heal computers. A founding member of the troupe who got to know about improv late, but it has been a big part of his life ever since. If not on an improv stage, one could find him climbing, hanging out with friends or eating sushi.
Brian Bonafilia, USA
Brian can shoot lasers from his eyes. But he's kind of shy, so don't ask him about it directly. Thanks.
Elsa Wald, Sweden
Fariborz Besharati, Sweden
Fariborz is: Iranian by birth Swedish & Israeli in the passport, American in attitude and mannerisms, Mexican in cuisine, German in Haute Couture, Mongolian in the bedroom, Italian in improv, But above all things; a loveur, not a fighteur.
Ivar Rosenqvist, Sweden
The first time he fell in Love was in 8th grade. His Class were on a school camp and he saw the impro game Freeze for his first time. Since then he has been hooked to impro! Ivar is a super nice person if he is not hungry then he can be your worst Nightmare.
Jonas Carlsten, Sweden
The troups doctor and crazy scientist. When he's not elbow deep in genetic manipulation or healing fatal injuries he loves to make a fool of himself. As a kid he loved to act in his own plays and movies. After a long hiatus he found the world of Improv and joined Impram. Now there is no place he rather be then on stage making the audience laugh.
Mathilde Doucet, Canada
Native of the Improv Match concept's Mother Land, Québec, the troupe's baby always saw life as an eternal sketch where everything is possible. Breathing underwater?! Flying?! Speaking a fluent Swedish?! Mathilde can proudly say she has more than 6576 days of experience in life/improv and that it's only the beginning. She is most alive on stage, as when she gets to act like a crab.
Michelle Sjöstrand, Sweden
A person who most of the time feels like an Monty Python cut-out. Her love for the improv-scene started at an early age and has since felt like home. Michelle loves to speak in third person and as a mother, she does it frequently. On stage, she's a redbull-infused pokemon that lives for the magic of improv. She loves the unexpected, saying yes and is always up for a new adventure.
Nikhil Acharya, India
Nikhil's smile has won awards globally, winning him a net cash prize of €456 over the last 10 years. He also plays improv sometimes.
Pascaline Cornuau, France
Ricky LaBontee, USA
Ricky has been living in Sweden and playing improv since 2014. He has directed a few shows since then (e.g., The Global Stage, The Living Room), and loves making goofs on stage. One time he fell off stage. It didn't hurt, like, at all. Seriously. People thought it did, but it was only kind of embarrassing. So that's good. Yup. Improv.
Sandra Boke, Sweden
She spent two years in acting school only to realise that improv was the thing. The thing that brings out the most playful, prestigeless, humble, life-embracing, loving parts of her. The thing that she will continue doing 'til her dying day. The thing that will cure all suffering world wide. Oh, and she loves being a drama queen on stage (and in writing).
Tomas Falemo, Sweden
Master of science and aspiring master of improv. Tomas discovered the pure joy of improv late, but ever since he is working hard to explore and learn everything there is. A founding member of Ouroboros and taught by Anders Fors, Patti Stiles, Shawn Kinley, Lyndsay Hailey, Omar Galvan, Imbal Lori, Kaci Beeler, Jason Geary, Victoria Bang and Glenn Hall.